Anavar Usage And How Safe Is It?

Steroids,in general, cannot be claimed safe. The well-known fact is that all steroid usage comes with a tag of side effects and how much the side effects are will determine what will suit whom. So, it is very rare to tag a product safe and say they have minimum side effects. Few such products are Clenbuterol and Anavar. Anavar is certified safe drug when taken in required dosages by many physicians. This is claimed to have mild anabolic properties when compared to other drugs and is deemed safe for use by even women and children.

Dosage and existing Anavar cycles

The cost of Anavar is a bit on the higher side when compared to other steroids. The main fact is that this drug is being claimed as safest one and does not have much side effects as others. also, unlike other hormones which disturb the levels of testosterone in male users, this hormone does not alter testosterone levels. Also, this drug does not cause water retention. Water retention might cause many issues such as bloating and indirect issues to the liver and kidney. With so many benefits the cost seems to be justified. The duration of an Anavar cycle will have to be limited to 10 weeks maximum. In many cases, user’s intake 60-100 mg per day of this drug which is safest. Some of them even bulk it up to 150mg per week but a caution is required while using such high levels. For women, the dosage will be entirely different and they will have minimal dosage amounts. When used continuously, this drug helps in cutting body fat and helps developing lean mass muscles. Though this drug does not help in bulking up, this can be used to shed all additional fat required by the users for their gain.

Who can use this Anavar and what are the benefits?

So, in general, this drug is more preferred for women. But men can also benefit from this drug, especially in the cutting phase. They can stack this up with Clenbuterol, Winstrol and Trenorol to gain strength and bulk up while this drug can help users in cutting excess fat. This is claimed to work well for professionals such as bodybuilders and weightlifters and said to be more preferred. This does not have any major impact on liver and kidney and deemed safe within the usage limits. One factor that may make users rethink is its cost, but compared to the benefits it gives the cost may be very small. So, this, in summary, helps users cut fat muscles, help gain lean muscles. Maximize strength and flexibility and increase recovery times between workouts.

Overall review and recommendation

Overall, if the duration of Anavar cycle and dosages are taken as per guidance, users can see umpteen benefits from this mild drug. Claimed to be one of the safest drug and reliable drug, this can be used by both men and women. However, the dosages for both of them vary according to individual’s need and requirements.