Assembling a Homemade Hydroponic System

If you have recently purchased everything that you need to create your very own homemade hydroponics system from your local hydroponics shop, keep on reading, we are now going to be detailing how to assemble your systems for maximum results…


Before getting started you need to determine where you are going to home your hydroponics setup this could be in your basement, in a green house, outdoors are basically anywhere that you please. You should however look for a place that boasts a level floor, and if choosing an indoor location which is generally advised you should ensure that you have purchased the recommended grow lights and other equipment.


  • Assemble your hydroponics system – If you have purchased your system as a complete kit this should be incredibly easy and you should have bene provided with full instructions, however if you have purchased equipment from a range of different suppliers it might be a good idea for you to give one of them a call so that they can talk you through the entire set up – ensuring that everything is set up efficiently and correctly.
  • Mix your chosen nutrients and water in the tank – Filling the tank with water and the amount of nutrients in which your nutrient packet recommends. Turn on the pump and give this time to mix completely before moving ono the next step.
  • Not it is time to add your plants, seedlings are recommended. You should choose plants which are 100% healthy, making sure that you have completely cleaned the roots before placing in your system.
  • Tie up your plants to your trellis, this will enable them to have good support and grow in all of the right directions as well as they can do.
  • Turn your pump on and watch your plants closely, monitoring them daily at least to ensure they are heading in the right direction. If you are using grow lights, air filters and more, you will now also have to set the timers for these so that they only come on at the optimal times.
  • Monitor your plants growth, measuring if you want to most accurate results and details.
  • Regularly check your plants for pests and diseases, although these are far less common in plants that are grown hydroponically they still can occur and need to be caught as early as possible to get rid of them.

Don’t forget that this is only a basic guide to hydroponics growing, if you want to ensure that you get everything right and are looking for the most perfect results first time round, with no room for mistakes, you should definitely discus your individual requirements with the supplier in which you purchased your hydroponic goods from.