Cannabis Strains to Reduce your Appetite

Cannabis has often been associated with the “munchies”, so you may be surprised to read the title that there are cannabis strains out there that are proven to reduce appetite. When it comes to using marijuana for the first time, people often choose a strain which has a concentration of THC, which is a psychoactive stimulant, so you can see why appetites often increase when using these high THC strains.

Sure, there are times where an appetite stimulant may actually be advantageous, such as someone dealing with cancer or depression, aswell as gastrointestinal problems. But with a large proportion of the American adult population being overweight, there is a need for strains to reduce appetite.

Choose a High-CBD Strain

If you are looking for an appetite suppressor, selecting a strain that is high in CBD (Cannabidiol) is the best way to go, whilst avoiding strains high in THC. A piece of research published last year found that the psychoactive THC acted as a stimulant by acting upon the hypothalamus, which in turn controls hunger.

Research with regards to CBD is not as well-known as THC. But, since CBD doesn’t act upon the hypothalamus, we know that it won’t have the same effect as THC. Some researchers believe that CBD should be used as a way to treat obesity moving forward. From the many reviews of strains that have been published, it is safe to say that high CBD strains, with a low concentration of THC make the best strains for appetite suppression. I wouldn’t discount strains that have an equal amount of CBD and THC, with the CBD acting as an appetite suppressor and the low amount of THC acting as a euphoric buzz.

What Cannabis Strains are High in CBD?

So, which strains should you be looking at? Use the dispensaries near me tool to find your nearest dispensary and they could most likely supply you with these strains.


From personal experience, this is one of the most popular cannabis strains. It is a cross between two strains rich in CBD (namely Harlequin and Sour Tsunami). If you select this strain, you should expect that Harle-Tsuto express a high-CBD profile with only a small amount of THC. We believe this strain would make an excellent choice for those who want to relax and experience the therapeutic benefits of marijuana.


Another strain to consider is “Remedy”. This is an Indica strain, which is a mix of Cannatonic and the rather crazily named Afghan Skunk. This strain has a very low concentration of THC, measured at around 1 per cent. We found that Remedy facilitates a feeling of tranquillity, coupled with physical relief. We would recommend this strain for those of you who are suffering with anxiety for example.


Lastly, we would recommend “Canna-Tsu”. While maybe not the most well-known strain, its popularity is growing right across America. The strain has a rather unique sweet and earthy flavor, which many people have grown to love. When we tested this strain, we found that we experienced a lifting in mood, with improved focus.