Dr. Curtis Cripe: A Born Neuroscientist and Great Rehabilitator

In the American corporate, software industry as well as in healthcare field, you can hardly find a professional who is not aware of Dr. Curtis Cripe, one of the most thriving, self-motivated and intuitive personalities in the area of behavioral medicine, software designing or aerospace engineering. In a nutshell, he is born to contribute and consolidate the world of science and technology. While his professional and academic backgrounds have been stretched in several disciplines embracing aerospace engineering, bioengineering or software development and programming, he has always been an industry buzz, for his unbelievable involvement and ‘made-easy’ solutions addressing to addiction recovery, child neurodevelopment disorders, brain dysfunctions due to injury, illness, internal hemorrhage and other psycho-physiological disorders.

Curtis Cripe earned his B.S. degree and M.E in the area of Aerospace Engineering from California’s top distinguished Polytechnic University. He also received his medical degree and subsequently, earned Ph.D. from North-Central University in Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine. His professional as well, technical career began with his joining at JPL community for NASA’s space research projects as its senior systems engineer. The mission includes the remarkable landing on Mars. In this course, his great involvement in making the project successful was highly appreciated by the people of NASA. In his next step, he became involved with the software development team under Department of Defense and led a team of software engineers, designers and programs in its multiple project management endeavors.

The noteworthy appearance of Dr. Crutis in the domain of Behavioral Medicine is acknowledged as a great milestone in identification and management of varied neuro-based brain disorders. He is the inceptor of Crossroads Institute where, the eminent neuroscientist shouldered the leading position to guide its technical and management workforce plus the likeminded practitioners specialized in the field to employ the uniqueness of Telemedicine and internet faced brain training programs to victims all across the United States.

Dr.Curtis Cripe, Ph.D. has taken charge as the Chief and Director of the Research and Development team at NTL group, Arizona in the recent times. NTL is a global enterprise specializing in research, designing and development of both products as well as services aimed to recognize brain based dysfunctions, and accordingly providing remedial courses to help victims come out of their deadly mental and health disorders. Very naturally, the joining of a top expert Dr Curtis in the community has been quite enthralling news for the industry as a whole.

Now under the supervision, guidance and leadership, of Dr. Curtis, the NTL’s core research team makes use of evidence based algorithms found in the form of graphics, mapping and text to explore the main dysfunctional sections of the brain. The brain mapping is done backed by innovative cognitive testing implements that helps identify the most accurate disabled part. The findings then helps professionals to design objective based rehab programs seamlessly and successfully. Dr. Curtis is a Certified Neuro-therapy Instructor, Certified INPP instructor for brain development and Peak Performance Instructor too. The esteemed affiliate of the Golden Key International Honor Society has been contributed a lot to the industry with his great publications and resourceful search findings.