Food safety management system training – You need HACCP training

HACCP or Hazards Analysis Critical Control Points is a mandatory food safety requirement under UK and EU legislation.

When HACCP is used as a food safety management system a business can be saved from delivering below legislative standards, it maintains good working practices and minimises the risks to staff, visitors and customers of any food manufacturing, processing or retailing business.

By investing in HACCP training you’ll find that the course fees are paid for time after time in their practical application of HACCP principles and skills learned.

HACCP usage is instantly recognisable and it is evidence that active compliance, HACCP training and an HACCP plan are in place.


HACCP is used for audit purposes and during Food Standards Agency/local authority inspections.

HACCP training advisors including the established experts at Food Alert can offer assistance and monitor your HACCP plan and instruct you how to maintain accurate records.

Level 2 training equates to GCSE grades A*-C and level 3 is AS/A level and quite apart from the benefit to current employers they are an excellent personal attribute to list on a curriculum vita. Courses can also be personalised to your business.

The level 2 HACCP training course normally covers the following:

  • The HACCP food safety management system.
  • Risk awareness.
  • The purpose and benefits of the HACCP training.
  • Use of the HACCP food safety management system training in a food environment.
  • The seven principles of HACCP.
  • The ability to identify HACCP procedures.
  • Food hygiene.
  • Assessing critical control points.
  • Contamination and its numerous sources.
  • Control methods to prevent contamination.
  • How to reduce or entirely eliminate risks.
  • Workplace and food safety employee competency.
  • Hazards recognition, critical control points and how to initiate corrective actions at all levels of employment. An HACCP plan is integral to this.

At the end of the HACCP training there is an examination. As you may expect only the candidates who pass are rewarded with a certificate.

Management, business owners, supervisors and team leaders are encouraged to progress to the level 3 HACCP training course which further increases food safety management system training and knowledge to be applied in the workplace.

After the HACCP training an examination is again taken. Successful candidates will be awarded a certificate and will have an AS/A level equivalent qualification.

When you have the knowledge and an HACCP plan working effectively in your food environment you won’t have to fear the dreaded visit from a health and safety auditor or your Food Hygiene Ratings Scheme score.

By following HACCP principles you will be adhering to legislation and instead of greeting an official with butterflies in the stomach and a sense of doom you can smile, shake their hand and welcome them in to your comprehensively managed, hygienic and positively impacting operation.

Contact a professional HACCP training firm today and harness the power of safety management system training.

Be the best business that you can imagine.