How Diabetes in Pregnancy can Lead to Issues

Diabetes during the time of pregnancy is known as Gestational Diabetes. This is caused due to the improper production of hormones from the placenta, which in turn results in the increase of the blood glucose. This gestational diabetes mostly makes the individual to develop Type II diabetes, in the future. Type II diabetes occurs when the blood glucose level rises, due to the damaged blood cells in the pancreas, which limits the production of insulin.

The main causes of gestational diabetes are Overweight or obese before pregnancy, heredity, Pre-diabetic stage of diabetes found in individual, a gestational diabetes condition found in previous pregnancies. Even though, an individual is diagnosed with gestational diabetes, they can still deliver a healthy baby without diabetic complications. This gestational diabetes can be diagnosed between 24 – 48 weeks of pregnancy and during this time doctors can confirm, if you are prone to gestational diabetes or not.

In order to test the gestational sugar level, the individuals are asked to drink a sugary drink (Glucose Water), as quickly as possible. This will increase the blood sugar levels. After one hour, blood tests will be taken in order to check how your body has handled all the blood glucose or sugar. If the blood glucose level is higher than a certain level, then it means you are prone to gestational diabetes and require further tests like fasting sugar check up and long glucose test (3 hours after a meal).

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Issues and Complications:

When an individual is having gestational diabetes, they may incur many complications during the time of delivery. There are many other complications like:

  • Need for insulin injection more often
  • High blood glucose level, which may become life threatening if not treated properly.
  • Low blood sugar level and increased blood pressure level may also lead to complications.

            Including this the baby inside the womb are also affected by this gestational diabetes. The possible complications for the babies include:

  • Still Birth: Baby’s growth rate may get affected due to the high blood pressure and blood glucose level. This also results in still birth of the baby.
  • Birth Defects and Injury: Heart problems, Nervous damage, Urinary and digestive system malfunction
  • Macrosomia: Abnormally large babies, due to the fat accumulation, when in womb
  • Respiratory Difficulties: Insulin injected to mothers restricts the growth of baby’s lungs, causing breathing difficulties after birth.

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