How to take care of your smoking glassware

Good glassware for smoking marijuana can be expensive. One can spend more than a few hundred dollars on a single piece. Given how fragile glass can be, it is easy to see a good investment going down the drain because of a small mistake. Therefore, it is important to know how to take good care of glassware, so that it can have a long shelf-life. Proper storage, cleaning, and handling are crucial areas for consideration.

Unlike glass plates and cups that can simply be tossed into the dishwasher, smoking equipment requires more care and patience during cleaning. It is better to wash smoking equipment by hand. This is because glass pieces can have hard-to-reach areas that dishwashers cannot clean. Some glass pipes, like Thick Ass Glass – oil rigs, have intricate designs, meaning they require special cleaning tools. Most places that sell smoking paraphernalia also have cleaning tools such as brushes and cloths.

Any dishwasher liquid soap will do for cleaning the glassware. Liquid soap, combined with warm water, is good for removing grease and other dirt that sticks to the glass. Sometimes, a dark colored smoke resin can accumulate on glass equipment. In these cases, it is best to use hot water to clean off the resin. It makes cleaning easier if the equipment is soaked in the water for a while, before using a brush to clean. One can get away with using a toothbrush for simple glass pipes.

It is always best to have a case or a box for storing glass equipment. If one can afford to, they can purchase cases that have paddings on the inside. These cases are great for cushioning glass equipment if the case is knocked over. It is tempting to store two or three pipes in the same case and save space and money for buying multiple boxes or cases. However, given how some pipes have fragile tubes and parts, it is easy for two pipes in the same container to bump into each other and crack.

Glassware shop owners are recommended to invest in bubble wrap. Since it is not practical to have special padded cases for all the shop inventory, it is good to have a stock of cardboard boxes for storing equipment. The same rule applies to sellers; One glass piece per box. Exceptions can be made if glass pipes are well wrapped in bubble wrap. Then several pieces can be stored in the same box, without worrying that they will smash into each other.

Glass pipes are most vulnerable during cleaning, smoking, and moving or shipping. Most people drop their pipes when their hands are wet and soapy during cleaning. Even if one handles their pipe with kid gloves, sometimes cracks, dents, and chipping are inevitable. The good news is that some cracks and even breakages can be fixed. Gas torches can be used to seal cracks or join pieces of broken pipes. This requires a little experience working with a gas torch, and it definitely calls for steady hands and patience. Going through the trouble of repairing broken glass is worth the while if the piece is expensive. Otherwise, with small and simple bowls or rigs, it might be better to buy a new one, unless of course, the broken piece has some sentimental value.

Glass is a beautiful material for smoking pipes. However, it requires special care and attention, if the equipment is to last for more than a few months. There are plenty of places online with detailed instructions on how to care for glassware.