It has been seen among sports stars, celebrities and elite look fitter and younger than their age defying the odds of time and. Wing seemingly ageless. Apparently all the diets and exercise or great genetical makeup won’t do the trick always but we can attribute to cosmetic procedure and hormone treatment and supplements too.

HGH muscle growth, recovery and cell regeneration supplements are in vogue they allow you to stop the ageing process, we at our peak of HGH secretion in our adolescent age but as time goes by the secretion depletes and the hewn Ella are not regenerated, hence more wear and tear of tissue, brittleness of the bone and nails, there is accumulation of fat in places that may body appear shapeless, the skin looks worn and prone to wrinkling.

The blood serum hormone levels are increased and you will definitely see a change which only diet and exercise will not give you. The side effects are minimal if used properly and allows the body to manufacture its own hormone secretion process with the release of amino acids by the supplement. Check out the top 10 growth hormone boosters here.

L arginine HCL

This helps in the increase of growth hormone by inhibiting the production of somatostatin which stops the production of the growth hormone.

L lysine HCL

The amino acid let out by arginine will allow for the increase in the nitrogen in the blood which will widen the blood vessels to carry more oxygen rich blood to the muscles.


This supplement increases muscle endurance and recovery process of the muscles due to the wear and tear during strenuous workouts.


This formulation also increases the growth hormone production which are so quick that it can be seen just after ninety minutes of ingestion of the supplement.


This is a herb supplement from Japan said to increase the natural growth hormone secretion in the body.

There are always new products churning up in the market and you will find that they all may claim to give you the best bods in town. Before ever going on to any kind of illusions, it is better to consult your doctor, get to know your body type.

The factors that make you eligible to take HGH are

  • You aren’t a heart patient
  • Don’t have a chronic disease
  • You are already taking medication for mental condition
  • You are not allergic to certain medication
  • The amount of HGH production in your body
  • The tolerance level
  • Proper diet, sleep and exercise regimen
  • Regular check ups with doctor
  • Hire a good trainer for optimum results
  • Get the best in the supplements
  • Stack and dosage chart should be maintained
  • The tapering of the dosage, PCT after the cycles of anabolic steroids is a must.

The HGH hormone though taken individually does work but with other supplements it gives even more definition to the workout. All the above will ensure you in good stead.