Jungian Therapist Manhattan – Carl Jung Approach to Psycho-Therapy

Times of emotional distress can be very difficult moments for your psyche. You could be emotionally driven off ‘break-point’ if those visible effects of the psychological blow the emotional distress could deal you are not quickly nipped in the bud. With time, a person experiencing emotional distress would begin to manifest traits of depression, psychological trauma, emotional imbalance and anxiety. If these symptoms linger on, the condition could worsen and gradually deteriorate into mental disorder. However, there are many healing therapies that could help a victim out of this sorry state. While some therapies would involve more of medications some others would involve more of counseling, behavioral correction and psycho-therapeutic consulting sessions. Jungian therapists Manhattan provides long lasting solution to a victim’s mental illness through reflective and inspiring consulting and counseling sessions. .

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Carl Jung, the author of the Jungian therapy explains that a victim’s thinking, behavior and superficial realms have a part to play in the emotional recovery process. According to him, making a victim to freely express the deep seated thoughts that could have been bugging and dampening to the soul can really make a moody person come alive and throw up insights that could lift a victim out of depression.

In consultation and counseling sessions, Jungian therapists Manhattan engage victim’s on a discussion of their life history and social life. During the discussion, victims are able to share their work experience, relationship with family members, friends and spouse. The Jungian therapist is able to gain valuable insights into a person’s background, values, life philosophy, most memorable events and challenges. These elements form the core of a person’s psyche and determine the emotional state of a person. Where a person’s mental and emotional illness can be traced to any of these elements, The Jungian therapists Manhattan can correct the defect in counseling sessions.  .

The counseling sessions also gives room for a person to express those events and possibilities in the realms of the unconscious. Images and imaginations that fail to materialize could also disturb the emotions. Carl posits that most individual live below their potentials as suggested in his quote “We all walk in shoes too small.” However, he points out that individuals can draw strength and courage to overcome life’s challenges and difficulties from their fantasies, dreams and imaginations. Some may not be able to express this part of their person verbally; the therapist encourages such persons to paint a picture of what they see in their subconscious mind in drawings, paintings and poems so that each time they lapse into depression looking at them can provide a boost.

Life’s troubles could keep you in perpetual emotional trauma if you give it a chance but you can choose to live a happy and fulfilled life by taking advantage of the Jungian therapy to help you up each time you are down.