Know The Use And Effects Of Anadrol Tablets For Bodybuilding

When it comes to fitness and bodybuilding one of the most popular supplements or steroids are the Anadrol. Also known as Anapolon or Oxymetholone, Anadrol is mostly recommended for weight gain and strengthening muscle mass. Though like any other steroids you must be thinking that is it safe to use or not. You need to read a little more about Anadrol to know the answer to this question.

Anadrol and its Results

Anadrol is one of the most inflexible anabolic steroids available in the market. Thus, to gain the best results out of it, you need to take Anadrol in proper cycles. The intake of Anadrol helps you boost your muscle strength. For the gym goers, intake of Anadrol helps in enhancing their cardio performance and they can work-out for longer hours.

Anadrol helps in weight gain and improving muscle mass. It also is effective in increasing red blood cells count in your body which carries oxygen. This leads to better circulation of blood and oxygen in our bodies resulting in enhanced metabolism which results in increased appetite. In a single cycle, you may be able to gain up to 30Lbs.

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How to Take Anadrol

People who take Anadrol daily usually intake tablets of 50 mg which is standard dosage of Anadrol. This dosage is preferred by both long time users and ones who have just started their Anadrol cycle. In about four weeks the results start to show and you start gaining weight. Taking 50 mg tablets are considered safe, but you can also go for 25 mg tablets to reduce risks of side effects.

According to bodybuilders, you should take the same dosage of Anadrol for the whole cycle for best results. Even if you go for lower dosage, the results would be more effective when same dosage is continued.  If you are stacking other supplements with Anadrol, the dosage may change.

Anadrol Review

Anadrol is a very powerful and strong steroid used by bodybuilders and gym goers. It is generally used by people who are into weight lifting, strength oriented athletes and power lifters. As it is a strong steroid, the side effects are also very common. You should rethink that if you can take these pills by themselves.

It is recommended that people, who use Anadrol, take a low-sodium diet. It is generally recommended that women do not take Anadrol. Keep these points in mind before starting your Anadrol cycle.