Nowadays problem called erection

Many men experience or will experience erectile problems in their life especially when they are above 40 as it is a common condition among them. But then there are younger men too on whom this condition can occur. Erectile difficulties can be caused by various reasons;physiological and physical factors are the main ones.

If you are unable to achieve an erection 1/4th of the time or more, then it is a serious health problem that requires a medical attention. Erection problems are also commonly referred to as; erectile dysfunction, sexual dysfunction and impotence. Men who have erectile issues often have difficulty to talk to their doctors about it as it is an embarrassing matter for them. However, modern medicine has come up with various reasoning for such problem.

Erectile dysfunction is that problem that is occasionally experienced by men when they face some difficulty in having their penis stay firm or hard and affects their sexual performance.

Physiological factors that raise this issue means that you may get a full erection when you are masturbating but unable to get one completely when with your sexual partner. This means that there is some physiological issue. However, if there is no erection at all, that means that there is some physical issue. Physical problems of erectile dysfunction include obesity, Parkinson’s, heart disease, high blood pressure, use of alcohol and tobacco, liver or kidney disease etc. It can also be caused by issues of mind such as depression, relationship conflicts worrying over not getting a proper erection and emotional stress due to financial, economic, social and profession issues.

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The good news is that erectileproblems can be diagnosed, prevented and cured. Depending on what is the root cause of your erectile dysfunction, you can take steps that will help you to prevent it from occurring. Brining in change in your lifestyle, quitting alcohol and smoking, losing weight, eating healthy and changing your diet can help in preventing the issue. Also, sometimes men are not aware of the fact that if they are taking any medications, there are certain medicines that show their side effects causing erectile problems. Checking the information about the medicines is also important to avoid the matter.

Sometimes erectile problem can be caused due to lack of sexual intimacy between the partners. If that is an issue and is figured out, it can be dealt by talking to your partner and connecting to them on a mental and intimate level. Counseling is another solution if you lack intimacy with your partner.

If bringing a change in your lifestyle does not changes or reduce your symptoms, contact your doctor to figure out the main issue of the problem. If changing lifestyle doesn’t help in anything then erectile problems can be treated by medications injected to penis, medications taken by mouth (for example Kamagra), medications into the urethra, various surgeries and vacuum devices. But these are the major steps and are only to be taken once the severity of the erection problem is diagnosed.