Radiation Therapist Salary

Radiation therapist salary can be influenced by several factors. A radiation therapist salary is estimated to be $31.00 per hour. This medical profession involves the trained professional to oversee the radiation treatments of patients with diseases and other sicknesses like cancer that require radiation treatment in order to get better. A radiation therapist salary may be seen as being higher than those of others in the medical field because of the risk associated with the high intensity of radiation that they are exposed to. A radiation therapist salary is earned by the professionals that treat patients, administer the proper dosages and then follow up with patients by seeing how the radiation helped them, if at all.

You can begin to earn a radiation therapist salary once you’ve completed a bachelor’s program and been issued your degree. There are not many job openings in the field so this line of work is incredibly competitive to get into at the moment. The high radiation therapist salary is very attractive to people and is a big reason that they are interested in the field at all.

More often than not, professionals will earn their radiation therapist salary from practicing in an oncology department as the need for radiation treatments in this sector is very high compared to others. A radiation therapist salary may be earned from carrying out some of the following tasks; preparing patients for their treatments by prescribing them medications or prepping them for certain machines, controlling the dosages of radiation, following safety measures, etc.

As your experience in this field increases, and you dedicate your career to being a radiation therapist, your radiation therapist salary is expected to grow considerably. After twenty years of devoting your career to being a radiation therapist, your expected to see a radiation therapist salary increase of at least $15,000.