The Do’s And Don’ts Of Seeing Your Sports Podiatrist

This should be considered common sense in some aspects, but in others, you might be surprised. However as long as you visit a good podiatrist, there should be no worry. Podiatrist Maroubra Junction is a great example of a medical institute where you will be treated with care.

First of all, podiatrists are doctors whose job is to take care of your feet and ankles. While a family doctor might be able to take care of minor injuries or foot conditions, if you have a specific problem, you should definitely visit your podiatrist.

This rule especially applies to active athletes, who can see their sports podiatrist. The difference between the general and sports podiatrist is quite simple, as the sports podiatrists are here to monitor how your feet react to shock on impact, as you run or do other sports activities.

Delaying can cause bigger injuries

Many people who never visited a podiatrist tend to delay the visit, but that can never have a good result. If you feel that something is wrong with your feet, you should immediately go to the doctor, because delaying the inevitable might cause untreatable injuries.

Visit your podiatrist on time

The Do’s

Check with your insurance provider to see if a referral will be needed or not. You should also make a list of the symptoms that have been bothering you, since this way you will not forget to mention anything that might be important.

Keep in mind that even the slightest symptoms might have something to do with your injury, so you should always mention everything. These minor issues are usually the things that will eventually cause a bigger problem.

Be sure to understand what the doctor recommends and what he is talking about in general. The patients tend to be embarrassed to ask for a more detailed explanation, but in this case, that should not hold you back. Sports podiatrists are here to help you resolve any issues you might have, so be sure to listen carefully, and if you need to, you can write everything down.

Bringing the pair of shoes you usually wear can help your doctor see the core of the problem. You should also mention if you are pregnant, or if you were planning to get pregnant since some medicine can be harmful to the baby.

The Don’ts

There is no need for you to shave your legs. Women tend to be embarrassed if they have hairy legs while at a podiatrist appointment, but having hair on your legs and toes is actually a sign of healthy blood flow.  

Your podiatrist will not care if you have hair on your feet

Do not get a pedicure before the exam. There is no need to make your feet look more presentable for the visit to your podiatrist, especially since most of the pedicure facilities are not sterile and can cause fungal, viral, and bacterial infections.

If you have a problem with your toenails, don’t cut or paint them. For a podiatrist to see what is wrong he will need to take a sample of your toenails, which will be of no use if they are painted. Probably the most important rule of going to feet examine is to wash your feet.

Final word

Every active athlete needs to have a podiatrist in their life if they want to lead a healthy one. Finding the right podiatrist for yourself is not that difficult, for example, Stewart Hayes sports podiatrist is a great doctor who will surely be of help.