Top Four Reasons to Try a Bong

Regardless of the substance you use, smoking through a bong could revolutionize the way you smoke. Rolling papers take skill to use correctly, dry pipes can be harsh and burn, and other methods of smoking can be extremely expensive. Here are the top 4 reasons you should try a bong as you may be pleasantly surprised with it.

#1 Effective Medication

Smoking for medical purposes is a fast growing trend and has shown numerous benefits for both society and individuals suffering from various ailments. No water which medication you prefer to use, how you get it into your system is an important aspect. Rolling papers can be tricky as you have to grind correctly, distribute material evenly, and sealing the final product can also be tricky. Also, you have to make sure air flows through your final product sufficiently or you’ll have a hard time smoking it. Bongs make medication simply and easy so you can medicate without having to worry about techniques.

#2 Filtration System

Smoking via dry pipes or paper disposables often have cheap ineffective filters or are not filtered at all. Bongs usually are water filtered meaning the smoke will pass through water before entering your lungs. The water works to catch many particles in the smoke and filter them out so you inhale less of the bad stuff and can enjoy a cleaner smoke. Using ice and water not only helps filter out particulate matter but also cools the smoke resulting in a drastically different feel from hot smoke.

#3 Better for Beginners

As bongs use water to filter out many smoke byproducts, the resulting smoke is not only cleaner but cooler. This smoke is smoother to inhale and will reduce coughing or irritation that is possible from dry hot smoke. Beginners will often prefer using bong for these reasons as they will not have to suffer extreme coughing fits or irritated throats.

Aside from cleaner smoke, bongs also have a much easier learning curve. Simply fill with water, load the bowl, heat it and inhale. There’s no technical requirement like rolling papers and usage is quick and easy. This is a plus for beginners so they will not mess up their medication or waste any. Check out for a huge variety of bongs.

#4 They Look Good

Bongs have an aesthetic and visually pleasing appearance. Many glassmakers are actually making bongs, not even for functional use, but as pieces of art. These extravagant pieces are perfect for display around your home and can still serve for practical use. Many collectors and enthusiasts enjoy searching for unique and styled bongs that they can place around their homes as decoration. This growing trend is pushing glassmakers to build their skills and create new and amazing pieces of art.

Whether you’re a beginner or simply want to change your method of medication, bongs can provide you with cleaner smoke, a smoother experience, and a hassle free option for getting your medicine.