ValueMags Comments of Lackey Baseball History

Part of the ValueMags ritual to to watch Chicago Cubs Baseball games. When they play against their rivals at night, the ValueMags teams will go out and watch the game together and if the game is during the afternoon, they’ll take some time to watch it in their common room. The family oriented free-rein work environment at ValueMags is admirable. The marketing company for magazine and magazine publishers is constantly trying to find ways to bond with employees and create a work friendly environment. It is essential that employees, especially those that sit in front of screens to take a break at least one an hour for a couple of minutes.

Baseball has been an activity that ValueMags has resorted to, been interested in, and followed since the beginning of the company. The latest Chicago Cubs news that has ValueMags going crazy is how their pitcher john Lackey made history. He struck out 10 batters in seven innings. Hard work and experience pays off! In the following games, ValueMags employees are betting on Lackey’s stats. Some are betting high and other are doubting that he cannot keep up the perfect streak forever.

ValueMags encourages other companies to pursue something that excites them. Employees deserve to feel good and get a break for their work… as long as the work is done well and effectively. An effective and successful company such as ValueMags is only as successful as their employees. For that reason, Valuemags keeps on giving to their employees to make them feel appreciated. It mirrors their success much too closely to ever stop. For more information about ValueMags and how they operate, visit their blog using the link provided above.