Why is the withdrawal treatment required??

There are numerous anabolic steroids with some androgenic properties. These steroids can cause life threatening adverse reactions and severe side effects. The steroids are being used by the bodybuilders and athletes for quick gains and achieving recovery at times. The side effects on intake of the anabolic steroids overweigh its benefits. The substances belonging to a class of organic compounds having similar molecular structure are termed as steroids.

These steroids include natural hormones and natural substances including testosterone, vitamins, cholesterol, etc. when a discussion is being made in connection to athletes and bodybuilders, this type of steroid, which is being discussed, is the anabolics. Anabolics is termed as a group of synthetic hormones that have been derived from testosterone, so as to promote the growth of growth of tissue/muscles, improve endurance, increase size, speed recovery. The abbreviation form of the anabolic steroids is the AAS, i.e. the androgenic anabolic steroids. The withdrawal treatment of the anabolic steroids is very essential, as they have the potency to cause psychological as well as physical dependence.

The intake of the anabolic steroids is generally prescribed by the doctors for treating the conditions that can lead to hormonal deficiencies and the diseases that may cause a reduction in the lean muscle mass. These steroids are used for different purposes by the athletes and bodybuilders, i.e. for increasing endurance and improving their performance. In order to make changes in physique, an individual generally makes changes to his diet, do regular workouts and lift weight.

The individuals or athletes, who want instant results, they start intake of the androgenic anabolic steroids. These steroids pose androgenic as well as anabolic effects on the body of an individual. Most of the drugs help in boosting the protein synthesis, nitrogen retention in the muscle tissue, which can help in gaining muscle mass at a faster pace. Also, it provides the individuals with an improved physical appearance. Some of the steroids help to speed up the recovery on doing a tough workout. Some of the most commonly used steroids for these purposes include Anadrol, Dianabol, Winstrol, Anavar, Trenbolone, Clenbutrol, etc.

The androgenic anabolic steroids are controlled substances and can be prescribed legally for making treatment of the medical conditions. These steroids can be injected directly or taken orally, if taken on recommendation of a doctor. Some of these drugs can be applied in the form of spray, gel or cream. These forms are very less common. The individuals abusing these steroids take tem continuously and if taken in a high dose can create havoc on the body of an individual.

The intake of these steroids for a long term and discontinuation of the high dosage may lead to development of the withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal treatment is essential for the anabolic drugs, which consists of pharmacotherapy and supportive therapy. Other medications that may provide relief from these withdrawal symptoms include non-steroidal anti-flammatory drugs, antidepressants, etc. the individuals must keep in mind that most of the abusive drugs have their own side effects and potential to be abused.